KARL opened four overseas promotion platforms

2020-11-11 16:36:35 浙江嘉尔光电科技有限公司 Viewd 5601

Today is a happy day, KARL opened four overseas promotion platforms


The theme of this work is "KARL's 7th anniversary, and Jiaxing's overseas image building will start again". Under the situation of grand commemoration of KARL's 7th anniversary, it has made great efforts to further enhance the brand influence of KARL industry and promote the construction of an international first-class OEM enterprise with world competitiveness. Our company will actively promote KARL's overseas OEM brand image in the following four aspects, and strive to be the leader of optoelectronic OEM enterprises!


1、 It is to optimize the KARL communication strategy. The overseas image building of KARL enterprises needs to be based on the overall foreign strategy of the country and the overall cognition of the target countries and regions on the image of Chinese enterprises. We will give full play to the advantages of OEM. We are committed to providing effective information about what international brands identify with, accept and expect from China's optoelectronic OEM enterprises for the international operation of Chinese enterprises and the national "going out" strategy.


2、 It is to tell the story of enterprises overseas. The overseas image construction of KARL enterprises needs effective external carriers and overseas channels. KARL has 8 languages of translation, micro video production covers 10 languages, overseas Micro Communication achieves full coverage of 8 languages of overseas mainstream social media, holds nearly 20 cultural exchange activities at home and abroad every year, and has established good OEM cooperation relationship with more than 20 brand companies in many countries and regions. We will make good use of these multilingual communication carriers and channels to tell the story of Chinese enterprises' fair participation in international competition and innovation and development overseas, and the story of benefiting the people of the target countries and realizing mutual benefit and win-win results.


3、 It is the cultivation of enterprise publicity talents. International communication is a cross language and cross-cultural professional work, which needs a high-quality professional team. Relying on China Translation Association, China Translation Research Institute, Google online translation and other authoritative institutions, our company has carried out the training of Foreign Communication Talents in the field of national foreign publicity, and actively improved the foreign publicity ability of Chinese enterprises, so as to make the enterprise's external publicity play a greater role in the national external publicity pattern.


4、 Build enterprise communication platform. Our company will continue to give full play to the advantages of comprehensive foreign publicity, build an exchange platform for Chinese enterprises to "go out", and cooperate with youtube, twitter, Facebook, instagram to run a good overseas image exchange platform for Chinese enterprises.


5、The new era has entrusted us with new missions and new requirements, which require us to take on new responsibilities. Let's make joint efforts to create the overseas image of Chinese enterprises and enhance the overseas influence of Chinese enterprises by innovating working ideas, integrating resources, and making greater contributions to the establishment and display of national corporate image in the new era and the promotion of Chinese cultural influence!

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