Intelligent technological transformation and technological innovation realize new milestones

2020-11-11 16:37:24 浙江嘉尔光电科技有限公司 Viewd 5332

ZHEJIANG KARL LIGHTING TECH CO.,LTD. Is mainly engaged in the production of LED lamps and lanterns. The company attaches great importance to the intelligent technical transformation and technological innovation. In order to improve the engineering quality, the company has invested a lot of funds and equipment in recent months. The application of these equipment will effectively prevent the common faults of the project and ensure the project quality. The newly added laboratories include: IP Laboratory (classifying electrical appliances according to their dust and moisture resistance characteristics), life test area (evaluating the changes of test products over time), safety testing room (testing product standard safety compliance), and reliability testing area (evaluating products according to product reliability structure, life type and reliability test information of each unit) In addition, the performance test area (such as the luminous flux, color temperature, light efficiency and other parameters of the light source) and the performance test area (testing various performance indexes of the system by simulating various normal, peak and abnormal load conditions with automatic test tools). In the product proofing room, new worktable and sample placement area are added to facilitate the later proofing work to be carried out more quickly and effectively.

With the continuous application of new equipment and new technology in production, it provides us with strong guarantee for expanding the market. The business scope is expanding. The production mode gradually changes from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, and the staff gradually changes from "sweat type" to "intelligent technology". New equipment and new technology have made new breakthroughs in R & D technology, which can help improve production efficiency and solve production technology problems.

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