How to choose integrated ceiling

2020-04-28 14:07:44 浙江嘉尔光电科技有限公司 Viewd 1349

The integrated ceilings with various styles and colors on the market are becoming more and more popular among owners.

Recently, the citizen Chen Yingjun is decorating a new house. When purchasing an integrated ceiling, Chen Yingjun visited a number of integrated ceiling stores and found that the prices vary greatly. The same aluminum gussets, some only cost tens of yuan per square meter, and some sell for one or two hundred yuan, and the thickness is different. Chen Yingjun heard that the thicker the aluminum gusset, the better, but some merchants told him that this was not the case and he did not know how to choose.

According to Zeng Zhong, a brand's ceiling sales manager, integrated ceilings are mainly divided into three parts, namely aluminum gussets, electrical appliances, and accessories. Among them, most of the auxiliary materials are distributed by merchants.

"Aluminum gussets vary greatly in price due to different materials, processes, and shapes." Zeng Zhong said that when purchasing aluminum gussets, you must first look for regular manufacturers. Generally, first-line brands use original ecological aluminum, which does not contain metal impurities, and the price per square meter is more than 100 yuan. If it is less than 100 yuan, it is likely to be recycled aluminum, which contains metal impurities. Such aluminum gussets are prone to rust or peeling of the surface layer.

Some people think that the thicker the aluminum gusset, the better, but it is not. Zeng Zhong told reporters that the thickness of aluminum gussets is generally 0.5 mm, 0.6 mm, and 0.7 mm, all of which can be used.

The electrical appliance must be matched with the aluminum gusset plate, and the purchase must be made according to the size. It is best to choose a brand with quality assurance and good after-sales, because kitchens and bathrooms, especially toilets, have high requirements for the safety of electrical appliances. If the quality of electrical appliances is poor, potential safety hazards may occur. For the lighting on the ceiling, it is best to use LED chip lights with higher brightness and no light decay.

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